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Meeting for Worship is central to the life of Quaker communities. We gather together in silence with occasional ‘ministry’ if someone is moved to offer some thoughts or maybe to read from the bible or other spiritually inspired writing which is available in the Meeting room. Unlike other Christian churches we do not have any set service or offer the sacraments of communion or baptism. For us the inner commitment is the important thing and we do not feel the need for outward symbols.

Also because we believe in the equality of all, and that everyone has direct access to the Spirit of God, we do not have an ordained clergy. However one or more ‘Elders’ are appointed to serve for about three years to have a particular responsibility for the right holding of Meeting for Worship.

As we sit together in silent worship we become aware of the 'still small voice' within each one of us. So the whole Meeting is led into an experience of ‘communion with God’ – or whatever words we may use to describe this spiritual experience.

At Dorking the children come into Meeting for Worship at the beginning for a quarter of an hour, and return at the end to share their activities with us.  The Meeting for Worship usually lasts an hour, and ends when an Elder shakes hands with someone nearby.

In silence, we seek and find spiritual nourishment and renewal


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